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valuation category should be display mode

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I have deactivated split aluation

but when i craete material master at account view 1 split valuation catageory shows as optional mode.

i need that to be dispaly mode, what to do?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to, SPRO - Logistics General - Material Master - Field Selection - Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups,

Here check the selection group for the field MBEW-BWTTY. You can assign a separate selection group for this field. Now, go to, Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens

Here, enter the selection group and select display radio button for the required material types. Now check in MM01, this field will become display only.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If I am correct, you want Valuation Category field as display mode in Accounting 1 view.

To make it in display mode, follow the below step

1. Find the field name of Valuation Category as MBEW-BWTTY ( Press F1 & Then Press technical information)

2.Use T Code: OMSR and enter that field name MBEW-BWTTY and get Selection Group 38

3. Use T Code: OMS2 and click your material type( with which the material is created) then details and in next screen, you will find *Field reference

4. Use T Code:OMS9 and double Click  *Field Reference (which assigned to materail type) and search for field selection Group 38 & select round box of "Display"  and save.

As you can see, we have four option. You can select whatever you want for a particular field.

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You can set the field "valuation category" to either "hide, display, req.entry, opt.entry" for a particular material type or a transaction by using OMS9.

goto OMS9

1) In the field selection area select whether to set the field selection for a particular transaction such as MM01, MM02, etc or for a particular material type ROH, HLBA etc..

2) At the top of the screen check for the field selection group in which the valuation category field is adopted.

3) Double click on that and set it to display as you asked for and save it.

4) Now go to Material creation screen, you will find valuation category in display mode.