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validations & substitutions

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hi sap guru's

what is meaning of validations & substitutions . what purpose use the validation & substitutions in fico. what is the required configured steps of validations & substitutions.

what is the diff between validation and substitutions

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi shiva,

just know i have sent the validation substitutions document, cheak and assign points

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Answers (1)

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Hi Shiva

Validations are used to check the conditions while posting a document in sap system.

Validation allows you to define your own individual checks for specific fields when a business transaction is being processed.

Each validation can contain up to 999 steps that each consist of a




Prerequisites and checks contain the same fields and have the same field processing options.

You can use a message that has already been defined or you can create a new message for the validation.

You can include up to four fields in a message. The '&' characters in the message are placeholders for the fields to be output.

The messages to be output can have different levels of severity:

I = Information

W = Warning

E = Error (the user must correct the entry)

C = Cancel

If the prerequisite is met (if it is TRUE), a check is performed.

If the check statement is FALSE, the system returns a message

for example:

If you are making a invoice posting to a particular company code, and you want to enter only 1 business area to be entered say Business area 1 not any other Business are to that particular company code. In this situation we write Validation rule, if any one enters by mistake also other business area other than business area 1 the system throws an error saying enter correct Business area. If want system to replace with the correct Business are we write Substantiation for that.

path :In IMG under

Financial Accounting -> Special Purpose Ledger -> Tools -> Maintain Validation/Substitution/Rules -> Maintain Validation or

Transaction GGB0 for validation creation

T Code GGB1 for subtitution creation

Activation of validation and subtitution is GGB4