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could u mind pls send the documentation of validation & the same manner pls give the real time scenario examples.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ramya,

With validations, you can check values and combinations of values as they are being entered in the SAP R/3 System. As data is being entered it is checked against validation rules that are stored in the Rule Manager. Because validation occurs before data is posted, only valid information enters the FI-SL application component.

You can use a validation simultaneously at different callup points and you can create different dependencies for validating data. For more information, see validation/substitution callup points. Also, you can create validations in the system, even if they are not used anywhere.

============================================================Substitution rules are stored in the Rule Manager. When data is entered in the system, it is substituted by the Integration Manager. Substitution occurs before the data is added to the FI-SL summary tables.

In FI-SL substitution, the values entered into the SAP R/3 System are validated against a prerequisite defined by the user. When the prerequisite is met, the system replaces the values entered with substitute values, and the substitute values are transferred into the FI-SL application component.

The system first performs validation and then substitution. This gives you the opportunity of having the system validate values that are to be substituted.

A substitution process can contain up to 999 steps. Before posting, therefore, you can substitute the values using any number of Boolean statements.

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Answers (1)

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A validation gives you the chance to define your own checks.

For example, a determinate user should not be allowed to post to a determinate account and to a specifical functional area; if both the prerequisites are met the result is a message.

A substitution changes values under distinct circumstances. A value in a determinate field can be substituted by another value

You can divide the customizing of Substitution and Validation into 5 steps:

1)      APPLICATION where ?

2)      CALLUP-POINT when ?

3)      DEFINITION what and how ?

4)      RELATION organizational unit

5)      ACTIVATION active ?

Following applications uses Val & Sub Tool

AM Asset Management

CO Controlling

CS EC-CS Consolidation

FI Financial accounting

SL Special Purpose Ledger

LC Consolidation

PS Project system

RE Real Estate

Following SAP notes are real time examples for validations..

607459 Changed FI Validations for Business Place/Section Code-TDS

154469 Validation for withholding tax code in IV

Hope above helps you..