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Validation on gross weight in sale order

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HI All,

I got one requirement, While creating sales order i want warning message if gross weight more than 20,000 Kg because truck can load only 20,000kg,

So how we can get that warning message, Kindly suggest which user exit or function module or program,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is the business process such that they wont be consolidating multiple sale orders to one delivery ?  If that is the case, your requirement would not solve the issue.  Ideally, you should validate in delivery for which, you can try with USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_LIKP in program MV50AFZ1.

G. Lakshmipathi

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HI Lakshmipathi,

Customer need warning message only in VA01 or VA02 tcode, So that they will get idea that maximum gross weight has increased for that particular order...May be i am thinking to make some table based on shipping condition ,gross weight,Ship to party ..I am not sure how it will work.,

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you use the  user exit for sale order  USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP

Here you will check write you logic , based on your requirement

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Hello Pawan,

Your ABAPer will have to check Sales order Field - BTGEW (Gross Weight of all the Items).

He can insert his ABAP code to check whether figure in BTGEW is less than 20,000 or not in User Exit - USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT in program MV45AFZZ.


Jignesh Mehta

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Use userexit USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP in programe MV45AFZZ if you need message when you enter material in sale order it will check field VBAP-BRGEW. Ask your abaper to write a code for the same.

If you need to check gross weight of all the item in sale order than use  User Exit - USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT .



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P M,

The code can be written in userexit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE, in program MV45AFZZ

This userexit can be used to check things, just before the document is saved.

Note: Please check the field name and the table name for this field.

Total weight, at sales order header level, in VA03 - field name is BTGEW, I donot see this field in VBAK!

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Hi PM,

So, you want to check the gross weight.. See, you will be loading the truck basically after delivery. But, you want this function at sales order.

Questions to you before you implement any exit.

1. what if you have different ship-to-parties

2. what if few line items are not confirmed or its confirmed but in different dates

3. what if you have deliveried few items and not done for others.

Why i am asking these questions is, its not correct to control this at order level.

Anyway, find the sales order user exit for which you can apply the logic. However, please discuss above points with your client before do any changes in system and also do the complete test.


in the program MV45AFZZ

Regards, Sai Krishna.

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I am not good at User Exists level but If you explain your requirement to ABAPer ,he can populate a warning Message in Sales Order level based on your requirement .


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