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Validation on GR for stock in SIT

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Hello Expert,

Below is the scenario :

STO PO raised for say Plant A / Storage location S1 and GI (mov 351) has done against that PO.

Now the stock is in SIT of Plant A / SLoc S1.

But by mistake the same stock has been received on SLoc S2 of  Plant A instead of SLoc S1.

So is there any way to restrict the user from doing so ?

Any idea on this will be highly appreciated.


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Answers (2)

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   Option 1: Maintain the storage location field as mandatory for STO doc type. Then create a transaction variant in SHD0 transaction for MIGO and maintain the storage loc field as display only (screen 0325) and assign to the specific user. Please note that this may create issues in other PO's where storage loc in not maintained and other goods movement processes. Please check the other scenarios also..

   Option 2: Go for development to restrict the change in storage location in MIGO. You may check for the enhancement MBCF0009 with EXIT_SAPMM07M_009 or BAdI: MB_MIG_BADI



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If you want the user can;t do any activity for storage location S2, then you can restrict the storage location S2 for the particular user.

You can restrict through object M_BEST_LGO   for PO

And M_MSEG_LGO for Goods Movements: Storage Location..

But if you do this, then user can't be able to do any activity for the particular storage location..