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V1523 SAP messsage during order creation after copy control from returns to sales

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Hi all,

I have copied to OR to new order OR2, to apply copy control from returns to OR2.

it has nothing to do with credit memo but message displays : Credit memos already exist for item 000010: 5

tried to check setting with schedule lines but can't find where it caused from.

Can I have any ideas for why this message is getting from?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It would have been easy to understand your issue had you shared the screen shot of document flow and copy control configurations. First of all, a return order should always be created with reference to F2 billing document and not against a sale order.

To answer your question, first go to the original sale order, select the line item 10 and check for the document flow. As per the message which you shared, it seems, already a credit memo is there but I am not sure, against which document, it has been created.

Also, please check any custom validation is set for the given process which would trigger this error message

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I checked out billing document type for returns, and cancel billing type was S2 (credit memo)

found out If I cancel the original document's billing, it does not expose same message in reference.

I wanted to copy returns to order since there was possibility for free goods return order to be copied to as reference(free goods does not take billing). I'll take care for return order to be always be created with refer to billing. was very helpful.

Thank you.

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