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V/06 doubt.

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What is the use of condition category when condition class satisfies the condition type requirement.

  Struct condition purpose usage?

Can anybody tell me with example what happens with these both.

Though its a basic question and even though after going through sdn i didn't got the clarity on both of these.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As of my understanding, it is one of the critical field which decided the condition type is for what puspose and can be clubed under which head.

Say it's a base price , or delivery cost, tax or what it belongs for.

The best example is, During excise calculation there are time when we have to create two condition types say PR01 / PR02 that both represents the Price for material.

Now when we calculate Excise then the Condtion category is the field which automatically determines the value and save it in table if the Condtion category for condtion type is H - which is base price.

We have to make sure that the condition type should be differencitated on the basis of Condition category.



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Thanks Rishi,

Your clarification is good. And any idea on Structure condition?

Mr.Jignesh as i stated above i has searched in forum but not found exact answers. Better if you found mark in reply. And its a crucial questions asked in many interviews FYI.

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Answers (1)

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Request you to go throught the SAP Document & Threads in the forum & then post specific queries here.


Jignesh Mehta