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Using Team Calendar in ESS Role

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We are trying to reuse the MSS Team Calendar iView in an ESS role. We are using the Web Dynpro Java version of ESS/MSS and would like to offer the employees a separate tab in the portal that brings them directly into the Team Calendar where they should be able to see their team colleagues and whether they are absent or not. This is exactly what they see if they go into Leave Request and open the Team Calendar that is embedded in the Leave Request, but we would like to provide it without needing to go into the Leave Request first.

The iView uses WDJ application and we pass in the additional parameters  sap.xss.lea.groupname=ESS_LEA_EE and sap.xss.lea.grouptype=V

This works but employees only see their own leave, nothing from the rest of their team members. When I look at the code and do a bit of debugging I can see that the difference between this standalone Team Calendar and the one embedded in the Leave Request is the "mode" (modus) that the Team Calendar seems to run in. As part of the Leave Request it runs in mode=R but standalone it runs in mode=T. In the code I can see it does a check on the mode and for R it checks the configuration flag "Employee: Deactivate Authorization Check" and for mode=T it checks the configuration flag "Managers: Deactivate Authorization Check". So that configuration can be modified in "Define Processing Processes for Each Rule Group" in the IMG but I am not sure what sort of knock on effect that would have elsewhere.

If we make that configuration change we can then see the other team members leave, but we don't just see "Absent" we see too many details (e.g. we see why the person is absent and we don't want other people to see the reason for the absence just "absent" or not.

We can get a similar result by giving the employee more authorizations but it looks like they need manager authorizations which we don't want to do either.

Hopefully that makes sense to someone and you can help us. At the end of the day we want the same Team Calendar that can be seen by employees in the Leave Request, but we want it on it's own tab in the portal.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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No the settings in Leave request doesn't have bearing on other application

so you can deactive the authorization check

in 'V_PTARQ_TPROCESS You can always enhance the view of team calendar using the method TEAM_CALE_ENRICHMENT in BADI PT_ABS_REQ. If you want to control the view too depending on the authorization level, it can be done in method AUTH_CHECK_AND_ANONYMIZE_DATA. You can modify these methods to modify the solution as per your requirements. To control the view based on authorization you can use variable im_modus. Value 'R' corresponds to employee and 'A' corresponds to the manager role. yes the standalone application is using mode T, you can change it as above

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