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Using indicators other than "A/F" for Downpayment transaction F-37

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Scenario-- We need a one -sided entry(noted items) where will send "invoice like" document to customer for the amount agreed in milestone related to contract(not exactly milestone functionality).

We want to use transaction Downpayment Payment F-37 For this but want to use a different set of Special indicators (e.g. J, T) to keep it separate from the special ind A,F which we use for the regular payment process. having separate Sp G/L indicator will enable AR team to different the items for the Mile stone process.

There are also separate GL account involved for this special process.

I changed the available special GL incators-J,T. But when I changed the properties of the sp ind "T" to "noted items" I get the message below.

How can I use a different set of special GL indicators for downpayment process?


Down payments and noted items not possible for special G/L indicator T

Message no. F4089


You selected the noted items as the attribute for the special G/L indicator T. This special G/L account indicator is a down payment/down payment request indicator. This combination is only permitted for special G/L indicator F.

System Response

The system cannot accept this setting.


Change your setting for the special G/L indicator.

Edited by: MN on May 8, 2011 8:57 PM

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Answers (2)

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To post Customer noted items, Use T Code F-49. For this, the Special G/L indicator should be in OTHERS category, not in Down Payment or DP Request category.

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Have you find any solution for this. I have the same requirement.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,