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using (implementing?) a gui element like the itemlist in the invoice-form

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Hi there,

I have to add a list of models (Yamaha SR500,Yamaha XT,Honda XL) selected from a userdefined table to the item form (a matrix or whatever). This list is quite huge, so I have to search in this selectionbox like I can do in the items for an invoice.

I also need to delete these elements from this matrix.

So, it's sth. like the itemcollection of an invoice.

Does anyone know how to get sth. like this ????????

Some sample-code ???

Quite new but willing



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Hi Holger,

My first advice is trying to piece your problems. And then ask about details, not an overall solution for your problems.

Then, try to find what you need in the forum. Lots of code is posted.

You could start looking at this two issues:

Code for filliong a matrix from a recordset from Sebastian Danober.

Check this other post with code for adding folder to an existing form.

There are other post in the forum about how to create a form with a matrix, etc.


Ibai Peñ

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Hi Ibai,

thx a lot.

My question was quite general.

I didn't want to get overall solutions for my problems (that would be much more .

I know that it's possible to 'implement' these features but I wasn't sure, if there would be a better way .....

But it's interesting, that 2005 will have a feature like this.

So, thx again.

Best regards,