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using function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE

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I am fetching the data from PA0001,PA0002 and PA0105 using function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE.But when I am passing the prnr as 7 , it is getting changed to 7000 in the function module. Thats why it is not fetching the data.Please suggest why is it happening. ALso I have to fetch name of the pernr. But from PA0002 , I am not able to fetch the name.Please suggest the solution.

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Try to test the function module using SE37. Give the function module and click on Test. It will ask for the below Options.

TCLAS = "A" This should be the same as this is Master Data.

PERNR = Enter the personnel number.

INFTY = Enter the infotype number

BEGDA = Enter the Begin Date

ENDDA = Enter the End Date

and try to execute. Ensure that for the above personnel number there is a basic pay record. This should fetch the record. If successful, then the function module by standard is working fine. Please revert for any help.

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Its working fien and returning row when the function module is run from SE37.But when it is run from the progarm then only the error occurs.Please suugest

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How do you pass the PERNR?


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Make sure for data Declaration in you program you have defined Pernr like

        pernr         LIKE p0000-pernr,            "Personnel Number

Also check the valid infotype records exists for the dates you are passing

             TCLAS                 = 'A'
             pernr                 = g_t_table-pernr
             infty                 = '0002'
             begda                 = g_t_table-begda
             endda                 = g_t_table-endda
*             BYPASS_BUFFER         = ' '
*             LEGACY_MODE           = ' '
*           IMPORTING
*             SUBRC                 =
            infty_tab             = p0002
            infty_not_found       = 1
            OTHERS                = 2

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..sorry - thought the previous answer was from the originator.

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For fetching the name use "Ename" field from pa0001.