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using document splitting and classic PCA

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we are implementing the financial modules (FI/CO) at a customer and

activated the document splitting. In addition we would like to use the

classic PCA functionalities (incl. transfer of FI balance sheet values

to PCA via 3KEH). As described in OSS note 826357 SAP does not

recommend to use both fuctionality at the same time.

Do you have any recommendation how to bring all information together in

one module for reporting purposes? - The problem occurs because at the

moment we use the planning functionalities in cost center accounting

and internal order. So we have the actual and plan data automatically

updated in PCA. In addition we plan FI balance sheet accounts in PCA

and would like to see, of course, as well the actual FI BS data per

profit center for management reporting. Can you provide any solution

for this (besides using BI)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards,


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You can do planning in Finance now, and whats more you can upload the CCA data into Finance.

SAP does not recommend you use PCA & Document splitting, due to the two large tables they create, however there may be some benefits behind having both.

You need to question what benefits you will get by activating document splitting and keeping PCA, as one of the main benefits of implementing document splitting is to remove PCA, and have real time balance sheets by PC.

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Hi Mark,

this answer sounds good, but can you tell me as well

First how to transfer CCA/IO data to FI via telling me the SAP path.

Second how can I plan FI balance in FI? - I know everything about the different version and copying plan to plan... in PCA, but not in FI. Can I find in FI (and where exactly) the same functionality as for PCA now?

What could be the benefit to have both PCA data and FI data (e.g. when I create my own transfer program from FI to PCA via user exit or something like that)? Do you mean that I can see then all the line items including more information?

Thanks a lot for your quick response.



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If you go to Spro, FA (new) , General Ledger, Planning.

you can define your layout and profile.

There are also the transfer fro CO as well there.

In terms of the actual processing you have GP12N to enter the info or GLPLUP for excel based loading of data.

The other t codes are under General Ledger, Periodic Processing, planning.

Hope this helps, if so mark thread as answered and assign points.

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Hi Mark,

I still have some more detailed questions:

1. about the plan transfer from CO: in the selection screen you can not choose any Cost Center or Cost Center group. Is this transfer only possible on level controlling area as organizational characteristic?

2. about uploading plan data for FI values: I get at the moment the following error while executing GP12N: Planner profile SAPFAGL contains no tasks for table V_GLFLEXT.

When I check in the customizing the planning layout, no tables are assigned and I even can not change it? Do I do anything wrong or is their missing customizing?

thanks in advance.


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You will need to create a new planning layout with cost center included.

In terms of planning profile it is best to create a new one, and make sure you have FAGLFLEX as the table.

Please assign points.

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Hi all

Thanks for the updates to this question, however, I have seen this process being used but can't find where the planning values are posted ?

They are posted with document type P0 and a doc number (1000000090) but I can not see which table or see them in any report or line item display other than the plan v. actual financial statement report...

When you use GP12N are the values entered as a document or is it a table update ?

Hope that this can be answered