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Using API to load WBS cost plan

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We have a requirement to load SAP cost element based project/WBS element plan data from a 3rd party application. Typically, this is accomplished using transaction CJR2 in SAP. 

We are using S4H Private cloud and would like to use API.

SAP help proposes to use API_FINPLANNINGDATA_SRV. However, this API does not have plan version.

Could you please clarify if this API should not be used to load data equivalent to CJR2 transaction. If OK to use please explain the missing Plan version input.

If this API is not to be used, is there an alternative API that can be used for the same or a Bapi should be used to load plan data instead.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The cost planning BAPI are under the CO area, using transaction BAPI.  One of the common ones is PostPrimCost.

On the frontend side, this is used by transaction CJR2, which is used for cost element planning on WBS elements.  Keep in mind CJR2 is using traditional tables, not the new ACDOCP.

Considering excel upload, this might also be an option inside CJR2.