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Using alternative BOM with PR

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I'm trying to use the option of alternative BOM in purchase req.

I have a subcontractor which i'm sending him sometimes material X and sometimes material Y, depends what i have in stock, and get from him the same finished product.

The diference between X and Y is the package which i'm sending it with.

The alternative BOM defaultly brings to PR the first BOM (with material X) from transaction SC03.

I'm trying to change the BOM in the PR to the alternative BOM with material Y, but the field is unchangeable.

Is there a way to change between 2 alternative BOM's in the PR or in the PO??


Itay Arad

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1. C223 - Create 2 Production Versions for the FG as per the 2 Alternative BOMs

For e.g. 0001 for Alternative BOM 1 and 0002 for Alternative BOM 2

2. ME11 - Create Subcontracting Purchase Inforecord (Here in "Purchasing Data 1" screen, specify the Production Version "0002")

3. ME51N / ME21N - In PR or PO, system will propose the BOM as per Production Version "0002" which is assigned in Purchase Inforecord i.e. Alternative BOM 2. Now if you want to change it to Alternative BOM 1 then under "Matreial" Tab, just click on "Refresh" button here it will give option to select the Alternative BOM, select as per reqmt. and then proceed further.

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First of all i want to thank you for your answer/

when i tried what you said it worked only in the PO and not in the PR process.

Also, in the PO after I choosed the other version i still got the default version again and again.

Do you have any idea why??