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UserKeysMD in a user table

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I need to add a user key for a field in a User table.

When I set my user field to my ColumnAlias element property, there is no problem but the Add method doesn't work : "Invalid field name"

is it possible to use UserKeysMD for User tables ?

How do i have to set my properties ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When adding user keys to your user table, try specifying the table name without the "@", and the field name without the "U_".


Set sboUK = sboCompany.GetBusinessObject(oUserKeys)

sboUK.TableName = "AZU_AV_CONTROLS"

sboUK.KeyName = "AZU_K1"

sboUK.Elements.ColumnAlias = "AZU_GL"

lngRet = sboUK.Add


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