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User management in Add on empty of content

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After migrating from FP2208 to FP2405 we are having problems with the native SAP Add Ons. EFM, Outlook Integration and Payment.

The fact is that when accessing user management to specify their behavior per user, the user list is empty...

how can it be?


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Product and Topic Expert

Hi gonzalogomez,

This issue might occur because some users have changed the user grid layout on Add-On Administration window.

On this Window, it looks like that no data is loaded in Users grid. However, user data is fully loaded but just with some display issues. When you click on the right-up arrow on the grid, you will see a larger grid window with three columns "Users", "User Code" and "User Name". You can see there that full user data is loaded but with empty first column and you can drag the column line to change the column width.

First column "Users" is supposed to be invisible by default, however for some reasons it was dragged to larger width which exceeds the width of normal grid window.

To resolve this issue, just click on the right-up arrow on Users grid and drag the first column "Users" width to 0, close form and then close SAP Business One client. Next time you login to SAP Business One client, the issue will no longer exist.

Kind regards,


SAP Business One Support

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Thank you so much. I was not able to find this solution that you propose.