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User Interface lost with every new acces to the database

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Hello experts,

since about a week I have a strange behaviour on one workstation of our customer. It concerns only one user. Every morning when he wants to start the sap-system the following occurs:

1) the client lost its connection to the database and the server. The user has to connect to the database manually

2) All the customizing of the user and his forms (such as the views of sales orders and so on) are lost. He has to install them manually first.

It appears only once a day. After he fixed those views the client works fine. Just until the next day and until he reboots his system. Than he has to do it all over again to fix his views...

I checked already the temp-directory and all other first indications, as the server-name and so on. I cannot come up with an idea to solve that problem.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks to all of you, yours sincerely.

Daniel Kilian

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Answers (3)

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HGello to all,

problem has been solved through a new installation of sap on the client.

Thanks for your advice!

Best regards, daniel

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Hello Daniel Kilian,

You may check this thread first:



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Hi Daniel,

It is possible this user has no enough authorization of the local computer (write). Try to give this user the local computer authorization as your other user does.