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User Exit M06B0001 implemented for PR

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Hi Experts,

We implemented the User Exit M06B0001 for Code XX: determine the group in workflow responsible for requisition approval.


Based on the Account assignment category in PR for code XX we implement the exit that other code YY (Accounting group) should able to release.

Means one release code level two different depts were present. They need to approve the PR individually based on the account objects.

From configuration level done the changes

E.g. Release Group ZZ.

Step 1: Workflow setting should be changed from 1 to 9 (Release code XX)

Step 2: New release code XX should defined for the Release group ZZ as below combination

ZZ YY 1 Accounting group

Step 3: New Agent Ids should maintained for Code XX & Group ZZ



We written the logic for code XX based on Accounting assignment check.the processor is updated with Accounting group (New code YY)


If we implement the EXIT M06B0001 is it possible to update the CODE XX to YY at Purchase requisition level (While display) or only processor will updated and only agents were updated at workflow ?

Or is there any other EXIT to update code XX to Code YY at PR level.

Challenge here is the code XX for particular release strategy was not updating while creation or change of PR only agents for workflow were updating for PR.

Coming to Roles - Code XX should not release the PRs having the processor as Accounting group.

Role defined for code XX: Z_BANF_RELEASE_XX & code YY : Z_BANF_RELEASE_YY

The users having authorization for code YY cant able to release the PR based on the processor in PR. It refers only code XX (Because in PR only code XX was displayed after implement the EXIT as well)

Other challenge is code XX users (Z_BANF_RELEASE_XX) can release XX as well as code YY (accounting group). There was no restriction for code XX  users( Actual action is for Accounting group, YY).

So please let me know how we can achieve this at Roles perspective. Or is there any way (EXIT) to update code XX to YY.

Other alternate solutions appreciated please.

Thanks in advance. 

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Please refer SAP note 83598 - USEREXIT role determination/communication structure.