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User Exit in t-code IW32 to update requisition on Save

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I am searching for a user exit, a badi, or a customer enhancement to do the following:

Execute transaction IW32 (change a PM order) so that when the Components tab is selected and a new component and quantity are entered and the SAVE icon is clicked, the item category code of the purchasing document field (PSTYP) on the purchase requisition can be changed.

Please advise.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Barb,

There is only one enhancement / User-exit available for this transaction and it is IWO10012 : Maintenance order: Priority handling on central header. Please check this out.



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The Available exits in the PM module are given below..... select the suitable one for your requirement...

IWO10001 Create a PM sub-order

IWO10002 PM maintenance order: Customer check for order release

IWO10004 Maintenance order: Customer check for order completion

IWO10005 Maintenance order: Cust.-specif. determination of profit ctr

IWO10006 Maint. order: Fcode exclusion through cust. enhancement

IWO10007 Maint.order: Customer enhancement - permits in the order

IWO10008 Cust. enhancement: Determination of tax jurisdiction code

IWO10009 PM Order: Customer Check for 'Save' Event

IWO10010 Maint. order: Cust. enhancement for determining WBS element

IWO10011 Maint. order: Customer enhancement for component selection

IWO10012 Maintenance order: Priority handling on central header

IWO10015 Maintenance order: F4 Help for user fields on operation

IWO10016 PM Order: Cust. enhancement to check operation user fields

IWO10017 Determine external order number by customer logic

IWO10018 Maintenance order: User fields on order header

IWO10020 Maintenance order: Automatically include task list

IWO10021 Automatic task list transfer when creating order from notif.

IWO10022 Determine calendar from user exit

IWO10023 Service order: Change header data for advance shipment doc.

IWO10024 Service order: Changes to items for advance shipment

IWO10025 PM/SM order: Finding responsible cost center

IWO10026 User check on setting status 'Do not perform'

IWO10027 User exit: Generate user-defined settlement rule

IWO10029 Inclusion of bill of material in PM/SM order

IWO10030 Preset Fields for Event Object

IWO10031 Hide personnel number in PM/SM order

IWO10033 Customer-Specific Authorization Check Maint./Service Order

IWO10034 Operation status based on the status of capacity reqs

IWO20001 PM order: User exit to pass routing to order

IWOC0001 Create PM/SM notification: Determine reference object

IWOC0002 PM/SM notification: Check whether status change is allowed

IWOC0003 PM/SM authorization check of ref. object and planner group