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User-exit for MIGO, need change GKONT for CO

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Good evening,

Dear friends, sorry for my english.

I have made user-exit for MIGO in GGB1 and put on it in SPRO.

I have HKONT=V3100* and corresponding HKONT=1551*( OBYC, group WRX).

Then i run MIGO and make Purchase Order.

In my user exit, if HKONT of first position eq V3100, i must change corresponding HKONT from 1551 to V1551*.

When i make Order, i am run view documents: FI and other HKONTs changed successfully! ( first possition has V3100, second - V1551).

User-exit must work only with sy-tcode = MIGO or MIRO.

But CO documens NOT changed: HKONT(type of cost) eq V3100, but corr GKONT = 1551*...

I also try to use OPEN FI, but have the same picture... (in CO docs V3100* and 1551, but all another docs and FI too - V3100 and V1551*).

I see, that GKONT has only COEP. And this table a cannot see in user-exit.

I think, that FI doc must do CO doc,

but why in

View documents->RW-infodocs->documents CO = it is not change?

Please, answer me? if you can. regards.

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Answers (1)

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Please, view Print-Screen of my problem:

<a href=""></a>

Anybody can help?