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User Exit/Enhancement for blocked release PO if Net Price in PO greater than Lowest Price

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Dear Expert

Our management has a requirement to block the purchase order that the value of the net price is larger than the lowest price in the info record, for example if the PO is lower or equal with the net price after comparison by the system at the lowest price in purchasing the info recod it would appear the release procedure PO, and if the price used is higher than the lowest the system will block the PO in order not to create release and needed someone to open the PO, is there someone who can help me here?

Thank for the response

Best regards

Bondan S.B

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Hi Bondan,

This is definitely not standard. You will need to use the enhancement M06E0004 to check if any price in the PO is higher than the lowest PIR price and in such case set some kind of custom flag in the comm. structure E_CEKKO (create an own field there).

Then have a characteristic in your release strategy which is based on this flag.



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Thank rafael for your helpful answer



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Better design a Release procedure for PO with Net Price- if any PO created will be blocked for release and then released later with release codes irrespective of Lowest Price or Highest Price WRT info record without any development.


Biju K