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User Authorization Problem

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I had create a new regular user. I assign he have full right in [General Authorization] Module for [Sales A/R]. But when I log in using new user ID, I only saw [document printing] menu and if I try to access the [Sales Order] menu then a message prompt me <Generating this document require numbering to be determined for the document>. How should I resolved it?


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Hi Kok

The problem of "Generating this document require numbering to be determined for the document" resolve reassiging numering with user manager o another user.

Enter in Administration\System Inatialization\Document Numbering, Select the serie and Set as default for all users.

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Yes, I try already but failed and same message prompt out. Any other idea?


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You must go to the authorization window, select your user. Expand Sdministration section, expand system initialisation and then expand series. There give him access to the required series.

This should solve your problem