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use of tolerances

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Good after noon to every body,

i have a doubt,

we have 4 tolerances in FI as per my knowlege,




4.G/L tolerances,

what is the use of each one,

plz explain, and if possible give 1 ex , where each one will effect,


thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hii Swathi..

We use employee tolerance for our users for using it we first have to create user groups & define user groups and assign these user groups to Employee Tolearances in T Code OBA4.

In Customer & Vendor Tolerances you can define how much Gain or Loss is permitted in T Code OBA3.

G/L Tolerance means the maximum amount of revenue & expenses clearing in T Code OBA0.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The employee tolerance group is used to control:

upper limit for posting

allowed permitted payment differences.

The customer/vendor tolerance group is used to

clearing procedures,

permitted payment differences,

posting residual items from payment differences,

tolerances for payment advices information

GL tolerance group:

allowed payment diffrences

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Hi swathi,

Tolerance is nothing but system will tolearate the certain level of amount limit

Ex- vendor have to pay 100 but he paid 98 if tolerance is applicable for this vendor 2% system will clear that total open item

employee - authorisation of certain amount that is employee tolerance

GL tolerance - How much limit of amount in Debit & how much Credit amount

Customer tolerance - Credit limits

vendor tolerance -Debit limits

Control of amount limits

May be this information is useful to you



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tolerance means allowable deviation

for eg: user having authorisation to post 10000 rs only if suppose 10% tolerance is there

user can be post either upto 1100 or 900

Thanks & Regards


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thanks for u r reply,

plz can u explain all r with some ex,

if possible