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Use of T168F and T168 Tables in System

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Hi everybody

I'm making a development, the purpose is to assign the Release Strategy to RFQ's when the user sets the Unit Prices for Items in transactión ME47.

This action is executed in SAPMM06E in Routine strategie_ermitteln calling FM ME_REL_STRATEGIE_EKKO, but before the call there is a check at routine begin: t160-vorga NE vorga-angb (vorga-angb is a constant 'AG').

t160-vorga has the 'A' value for ME41 (creating RFQ), then in this transaction the Strategy is assigned.

But in ME47, t160-vorga has the 'AG' value, then the FM is not called.

I solved this making t160-vorga = 'A' (only in memory) in EXIT_SAPMM06E_017, and the Release Strategy is assigned ok.

But, when the user modificates a price using a button, the program makes a validation in Routine FCODE, checking that the value of t160-vorga exists in T168F and T168 tables with field fcode = 'KO'. Because i modified the value from AG to A, this record does not exist and the program set an error. But, if i don't modify the t160-vorga, the Release is not assigned because the check in Routine strategie_ermitteln.

So , i'm thinking in change my development, calling myself the FM ME_REL_STRATEGIE_EKKO in EXIT_SAPMM06E_012 when action Save, but i dont' like this solution because i would need to copy not only the FM call, but else all the code involved in fill the parameters.

So, i think other solution is to create the record for vorga = 'A', fcode = 'KO' in T168F and T168 tables.

If somebody can helpe, my doubts are:

1. what implicates this record creation in these tables T168/T168F, that is, wich is the usage of these tables in the system ??

2. Where can i see the meaning of t168-vorga values (AG, A, K, F etc.) ??

3. In wich transaction can i create records to these tables ??

4. Could be any problem if i add that records to these tables ??

Any help will be apreciated !!

(Excuse the long Topic text)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Frank,

2. Look the table T167T (to find this, I was going into the SE11, Data element: VORGA, : table, ...)

3. The table T167T could be updated with the SM30/SM31 transaction. But you have a warning message.

4. See the message, in the previous answer



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