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Use of Shipping Condition in PO

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In Vendor master, on purchasing data we have field called shipping condition ( ECC6.0)

I am not able to see this field in PO.

We are looking to use this field in PO. Is there any SAP Note supporting this?

Any idea where its used while ordering.


Anil Rajpal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are creating the STO (stock transport order) and you have maintain the shipping data for STO than only you will see this field in PO on Shipping data tab at item level.

Here i am copying the PO from my system and you will see the shipping condition at the bottom with *.

Purch. Org.      Inventory Management                                                                                
Purch. group                                                                                
Company Code                                                                                
St Itm  AI Material    Short text          PO quantity      OPUCDeliv. datCurreMatl GroupPlnt           Stor.loc    Batch    Req.No   R
   10     U Mateiral     TOWEL, STERIDRAPE, S               25CS D09/17/2008USD  DMMM      B002            B002                                                                                
tem          1 [ 10 ]  , TOWEL, STERIDRAPE, SM                                                                                
Delivery Type   NL      Replenishment D Delivery date        09/17/2008   Sales Org.      0001                                          
Shipping Point  B410     Shipping Point  Deliv.creation date  09/03/2008   Distr. Channel  01                                            
Delivery Prior. 0                       Plnd delivery time   14  Days     Division        01                                            
Loading group   0002    Forklift        Customer             990222                                                 
Trans. group    0001    On pallets      Unloading Point                                                                                

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