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Use custom multiplier (Signage) in Group Reporting Business rule (reclassification method)

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hi SAP experts,

Is there a way to use signage in busines rule (reclassification methods) in group Reporting?

As default, the elimination is reversal of source data (pre-Conolidation data).


Source: + $100

Elimination: - $100

Is there any way to manipluate how the signage is applied [like it is done in method multplier in BPC].

This is what I am trying to achieve.

Source: + $100

Elimination: + $100 (i.e. sign is same as source data)

InitiallyI thought "Sign-Triggered recl" is used for signage purpose.

But realized it is to filter data at the source; so cannot be use for signage control.

Any suggestion will be really helpful.

Many thanks.


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Hi Anil/Chris,

We have a similar requirement and while using the sign-based multiplier, system throws below error message.

Do you have any pointers on how to resolve the issue? I have set up source and destination FS items in the 3rd tab and using "-" as sign reclassification.