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usage of rounding profile in manual created production order

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We are making usage of various static rounding profiles.

For each of the materials produced, the rounding qty can be different, depending on the workcenters used to produce the materials (but for one material, there is only 1 rounding profile possible)

This works fine as long as we create planned orders via MRP runs (rounds up according the values set)

However, this rounding value is not taken into account (proposal, warning, error,..) when a user creates a planned order manually via MD11 or a production order via CO01.

Furthermore there is no warning message or whatever at the moment a user is converting a planned order (with a correct calculated rounded value) into a production order and manuaaly adapts the order qty.

As were are talking about a few 1000 different materials, the production planner cannot know all by heart and the rounding proposal would be excellent.

Anybody an idea how to implement this ?

Thanks and regards?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The only work around is to define routing selection automatic in OPL8.

Now create routings for material which are valid for only the specific qty for which you wanted to create order(Define Lot qty in header). By this way you will not allow the user to create Production orders for any qty.

Hope this helps



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello again,

thanks for you prompt answer.

This would certainly solve our problem in case we would have always one and the same quantity to produce for a given material; but this is not always te case.

Perhaps it was not clearly explained in my first mail, but we would like to work with one (1) ROUNDING PROFILE per material.

Example, material A can be produced in multiples of 14; as such it should be possible for the production planner to create production orders for 14, 28, 42 , 56,..... pieces. When entering a order for eg. 25 pieces (= example the qty needed for a certain sales order), the system shpuld round to 28.

Other materials (having another rounding profile) are produced in multiples 3, im mulitples of 5,...

For this particular plant we have about 50 different rounding profiles in place.

So it somewhat logic that a production planner does not know all these by heart.

If you have a solution for this as well, please let me know.

Anyway already my thanks for feedback.