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Usage of GIS quality field in Means of Transport configuration in SAP TM

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Hello Marcus,

May i know what exactly the usage of this 'GIS Quality' in Means of transport configuration?

Is it really impacts while calculating transportation duration?

For Ex:

Is the unloading will be finished at 07:30 AM Tuesday?

Wont it be considered working hours if we don't flag this filed 'GIS quality' in Means of transport configuration?

Could you please advise?

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Just to add few more details to above question:

The distance from A -> B is 1500 KM/19 Hours (Fixed duration flag checked)

Working hours only from 8AM to 8PM

FO has 2 freight units - Loading/Unloading duration for each FU/Stop is 1 Hour -Total 4 hours

Total duration = 19 + 4 = 23 Hours

What if the Loading starts at Monday 08:30 AM? Then , what will be the unloading time if the 'GIS Quality' flag not checked in MTr config?