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Usage decision for movment type 323

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Can anyone tell me how I can post movment type 323 through QA11 with a usage decision?

I can see in config Quality Management>Quality Inspection>Inspection Lot Completion>Define Inventory Postings that there is a posting UD TRANSFER02 that uses 323 but I cannot see how this is posted through transaction QA11!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you do this. in the config path Quality Management>Quality Inspection>Inspection Lot Completion>Define Inventory Postings , create a new entry with 08 suffix. Assign mvt type 323 to it.

In my system it comes with a description "other qty posting". Save it. now this new entry will show up in qa 11 in the inspection lot stock tab where you could post the quantity with this entry to trigger 323 mvt type.

Now go OMJJ and check for mvt 323 whether QA11 is in the allowed transactions , if not add it there/. ( Caution: 323 isnt meant to work with QA11)

now run qa11, it works fine.

But my question is if you arent accepting , rejecting or doing a sample, or other functions described for QA 11 UD , then you can just do a MB1B 323 and this should serve your purpose, why do this though QA11.

Hope this helps


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thanks, I have tested this in our sandpit client and can see that it will work.

I am still trying to push them down the standard transactions of QAC2 or MB1B but this will work as an alternative.

Kind regards


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