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US SED (Shipper's Export Declaration) Output FUSD Not Working - Billing Doc

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I am trying to print output FUSD from a billing document which is a standard output delivered by SAP for the US Shipper's Export Declaration document.

Although the output is being triggered in the Billing Output, it is in red status and there doesn't appear to be any processing log entry.

Both the Header and Line Item Foreign Trade Data is complete in the invoice so I'm not sure what's wrong.


I did notice one thing though.

The FUSD output uses the following:

Program: RVADAUS1

Form Routine: ENTRY_FUSD


I'm working in a sandbox system and when I glanced at the form painter for SD_EXPORT_FUSD, it said the form wasn't available in my client but it was in 000.

Help would be well appreciated.


Not sure if this could be the reason?

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Form SD_EXPORT_FUSD is sapscript, so it's client dependent (if it was smartform you wouldn't face this problem since smartform objects are client independent).

You can ask your basis team to create a transport for this object and move it from client 000 to your sandbox client - or you can also do it having the necessary access / authorrization.