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Dear gurus,

Is there in SAP process / method for partial reversal of inbound deliveries (e.g. delivery created for 10 pieces, GR to quality stock was posted, quality control shows that 5 pieces are improper). How to send them back to vendor. Standard transaction VL09 would make GR reversal for all 10 pieces.

All above is for ATS/ASN process



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I have tested different scenarios in quality and found that, it will be the reason:-

If you select the Option reason for movement like 001,002 and 003 under where tab in item detail in T.code MIGO along with movement type 122(Return to vendor), then it will allow to reverse GR, even though after GR and IR completed

Thanks & regards


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You can cancel a whole delivery and you cannot make partial cancellation. The priceinple the same is as in case of MBST I think: you make a storno OR you do not make a storno.

If you found out that only a part of the incoming goods are of bad quality and you want to send back them (and not the whole shipment) the process is different from cancellation.

You can send back tthe goods via 'Return Delivery'.

Please check SAP help:




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