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Hi sap guru's

I have a doubt am stuck in a implimentation on ATP where they want reservations i will explain you all with example

Cust A

Cust B

Cust A ordered 10 qty and cust B ordered 10 qty for cust A i got a delivery date of 07/22/07 for eg and for cust b i got 07/23/07 and i decided to deliver the goods first to Cust b and hold cust A for more time so my question is whn i deliver to cust b there will be an ATP check again on delivery level so whoz stock it gonna conform Cust A stock or Cust b Stock as i hve only 10 stock available in my hand my client req is they dont want cust A stock to get disturbed

2) they have internation customers too where they do partial delivery to them if for some reason theydont deliver 1 item and they want to delive it with next shipment is it possible

so please kindly give me step to step configuration steps

Thanks in


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Hi Irfan,

Sppose you had 10pc in stock. Customer 'A' ordered first and the order qty was 10 so the system will automatically confirm the qty and will allocate all 10 pc to cust 'A' order.

Then cust 'B' orders 10 pc. When you create the sales order for cust'B' then the system will take you to a screen where it will show you that no stock can be confirmed or this customer. So the schedule lines won't be confirmed and the confirmed qty will be zero.

What happens is that if you go and check in MMBE the stock for that material, the system will show you that 10pc are in stock but they have been previously alloted and confirmed against the sales order for customer 'A'.

This is the reason why the system does not onfirm the 10pc qty for cust 'B'.

Now if you want to deliver the 10pc to cust'B' then first you will have to cancel the allotment for cust 'A'. This you can do by rescheduling the order.

Fo this go to transaction code V_V2 - rescheduling sales and tock transfer documents. Here you enter the material code and the plant. Press enter and the system will open a new screen where it will show you the material and to which sales order it is alloted and the customer name to which the sales order belongs. Then ouble click on the line where it shows 10p for cust 'A', the ystem will take you to that sales order. Here you double click on the line item, go to Sales A, here enter a reason for rejection and save the sales order. Automatically the allotment will get cancelled for cust 'A'.

Now go to sales order of cust 'B' (VA02) double click on the line item, go to schedule lines, check item availability and now you can see the system will show you that 10 qty can be confirmed for cust 'B'. This is rescheduling in SAP.

Regarding partial delivery if you want to enable this for a particular customer then go to XD02 - change customer master. Here in sales area data - shipping. Here you maintain partial delivery allowed and number of partial deliveries.

Hope I have answered your query. Reward valuable points if solution found useful.


Allabaqsh G. patil

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Hi Patil,

It was a nice answer i do agree but here this client has a diffrent scenario i will explain wat exactly he wants

they have RLT on each material Rlt time is 2 , 3 months like that so read this carefully

CUST A places order for a material and by ATP he gets a delivery date of 2 months after

in mean while when that material is ready it would be updated in stock that this material is ready

as the stock is updated for eg CUST B orders fro same material with same qty the system (ATP) will show the enduser the material is ready and would give a delivery date

so the CUST B can steal the CUST A material so CUST B would get the material faster then cust A

so my clients wants that when u do the sales order at the sales order level only the material should get blocked for that customer i mean product allocation should happen at sales order level

they dotn want rescheduling

this is very tough task i belive

it would be a great help if you guys can help me out


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1. if you raise the sales order for customer A first , then goods will be blocked for customer when you are going to do delivery for customer B it will not allow you to do so since there will be no the stock is already blocked for customer A

2. enable the field partial deliveries in the shipping tab of sales area data of customer master data

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