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URGENT:Valuvation of wage type on slab with respect to attendance.

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My client needs a wage type to be paid on number of present days,


Wagetype= X

PD = P + PH + CL + PL +SL Allowance / CD *CD


Present days =P

Public Holiday =PH

Casual Leave =CL

Paid Leave = PL

Sick Leave=SL

if so the calculation should happen as follows

Wagetype Attednace Payment of WT

X If PD>=20 100%

If PD>19 & <20 90%

If PD>18 & <19 80 %

If PD>17 & <18 70 %

If PD>13 & <17 50 %

If PD <=12 0 %

Is it possibvle to configure by Processing class and Evaluvation class or we need to write PCR,

Please guide me I don't know steps to write the PCR's,

Thanks in Advance, write answer will be rewarded,


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If PD is days present and X is the amount and you need to calculate X amount based on

X If PD>=20 X to be paid --100%

If PD>19 & <20 X to be paid 90%

If PD>18 & <19 X to be paid 80 %

If PD>17 & <18 X to be paid 70 %

If PD>13 & <17 X to be paid 50 %

If PD <=12 X to be paid 0 %

You have write a PCR before end of time sub schema and remove the standard method of factoring for your schema.


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you problem is very simple...plz let me know one thing need to do all the things like..which you mentioned with %es. or only for present days you need...

so,that i will give u my inputs.


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Dear Jack,

Thanks, for your reply,

Say Allowance is X and amount is Rs.200


I mean If Employee is present for 20 or more days then he is eligible for full amount of allowance i.e. 100% i.e. Rs. 200 employee should get,


IF present days are greater then 19 and less than 20 he should get 90% of allowance i.e. Rs.180 .


IF Present days are greater than 18 and less then 19 days then employee should get 80% of Allowance i.e Rs.160


IF Present days are greater than 17 and less then 18 days then employee should get 70% of Allowance i.e Rs.140


IF Present days are greater than 13 and less then 17days then employee should get 50% of Allowance i.e Rs.100


IF Present days 12 days then employee should get 0% of Allowance i.e Rs.0 or no allowance,

Please let where i can do this,

Thanks and Regards,


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hi param,

well,these things you have to define in the rules. you have to use "inp1" and "xval" rules for your scenario. and processing class 10 is used for this..

coming to the scenario..i will give u an idea.. (take other gurus idea)

for this you should have different time wagetypes(assuming) for different percentages..and use the valuation bases table v_512w_b..

otherwise you can do this calculation form "Xval" only...


one more option is that..

what ever the working days the employee works more than 20 or less than 20 and 19,18, u said..

it all will take the data from Infotype 2002 right... and then give the valuation bases in per the scenario.

gurus suggest me if i am wrong..


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HI !,

NO replay, Experts please share if you have any idea,