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Urgent - Revaluation Run

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I have a quick question related to revaluation . I do revaluation for company codes Please see problem

Account Currency -EURO

Document Currency -GBP

Valuation Area Currency GBP Global Currency

Company Code Currency -EURO

I do revaluation for Global Currency .When I do revaluation(F.05 ) system includes G/L account which has document in GBP as well . Which is wrong according to me ?

E.g G/L 3400000 has 4 document in GBP but Account Curreny which is Company code as well is EURO .And i do revaluation for Global currency which is GBP .

Please help me ?

Points will be given to correct answer


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Answers (2)

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There is a difference between valuation and translation:

valuation is from document currency to company code currency and in this scenario from GBP- EURO which is correct.

Translation is from Company code currency to Global/ group currency EURO- GBP.

From F.05 you can not perform company code currency to global currency which is translation.

Only valuation is performed through F.05 which in your case correct.

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Hi SAP Guru ,

Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Revaluation is actually a 2 step process : In first step, all the documents in foreign currency are revaluated to Local Currency ( i.e Co Cd Currency) and in the next step, LC is valuated to GC. The rate that is used during revaluation is GAAP rate, where as the one used during document entry is MOR.

Using F.05, vendor and customer balances are revaluated, where as using F.06 account balances are valauted.

Hope it helps..