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URGENT :Photo Upload automation : help required

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Hi Experts,

I need your help in my program which require executing DOS command from SAP ECC 6.0.

The requirement is "to make an automated SAP program workable with ECC 6.0 which will able to execute DOS command Dir *.jpg -> photo.txt to create a File ‘Photo.txt’, Then I need to upload this file automatically into SAP Internal table for further processing" that will lead to photo upload (this part is already done by me).

I am not sure if someone has done some similar things in past if yes kindly guide how to do this.

best Regards,



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So I'll ask a stupid question here....why DOS? What year is this? 😃

You could just as easily have an ABAP program in ECCC6.0 that reads out to a local/network drive and grabs all files which match *.jpg and then do whatever you need with that list.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response.... i have tried with DOS as not able to figure out any other possible way with the knowledge that i carries from my little Experience.

Kindly help to develop the required ABAP program which will generate the required file list.

Eagerly waiting for some help.

Best regards,


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Hi Rahul

Firstly you need to create an archive to store the pictures. Then

Goto SM30 or SM31.

Enter the Table/view name as TOAAR_C.

Click on New Entries.

Give StSym as 'A2'.

Give a description ..

In Arch. Path enter as /.

Select the radio button 'File store'.

Save the entry.

You can view the photo through PA20/PA30/PA40 for each employee.

For this you have to add an entry in Table T588J for your header


The field type of this entry should be 'PIC'.

Then you have to run the report RPHDYNPG for generating the screen


After the initial configuration as described above,

for uploading the Photo

Go to Tcode OAAD -> Create

Business Object : PREL

Document Type : HRICOLFOTO

Click on Create.

System will ask for personnel no and path of Photo

If you need detailed step by step procedure, do let us know. If you need a useful code to carry out this, do let me know with your email ID