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Urgent Help Needed!!!

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Hello im a very new junior sd consultant and I have gotten my first issue ticket which I need to try and resolve. Basically, the client has an issue when they want to print the 1.Sales Return document and its 2.Delivery document. they have to keep manually choosing the printer. How can I configure the printer settings for the returns document and its delivery so that for each new sales return document the default printer is already chosen and all they have to do is press enter for example and it prints.

The current scenerio is that for example, sales return document 000000001. In va02 on the initial screen if you go to sales document, then issue output to. I get this popup when I do those steps "No output has been selected for printing". The client then has to go and assign the printer manually for each document which takes up too much time. How can the printer be assigned by default to that document type?

I have already tried using t-codes vv11 and such once defined for Returns Doc. the same thing still happens when i go to output to for the document at the initial change screen nothing shows up for printer settings. Also transaction code VP01 is already configured for sales order.

Again I can manually assign the printer settings but I want it to already show the printer settings when I send the output to, the printer setting should come up but its not. The client needs to always manually choose the printer each time he makes a returns document and the same with its delivery.

Please help thanks in advance.

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For the future, you might want to name your post differently. "Help needed" does not really catch anyone's attention anymore and it's against the forum rules, just FYI.

If the output is determined using the the condition records, then the default printer settings are maintained in the transaction VV31/VV32. If the output is created manually, then the printer settings are taken from the user profile (SU3), I believe.

Note that if you make any new entries or a change in VV31/VV32, then it will only apply to the new output records, created after that. It will not change the output records that have already been created.