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Hi Experts when i am doing PGI i am getting the following error and system is not allowing to do PGI

ERROR: When trying to read the status of an object (HU 210868), a system error occurred: For object number HU0000210868 there is no status object.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ramesh

Go and check ur status profile in Status Tab

Click Object status button and find out is the any profile maintained which is blocking PGI

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can you help me where i will get the status profile path or just provide me the T-Code fop this coz i am facing the same problem

at the time of saving shipment error comes"No status object is available for HUno"

thanks in advance


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Hi Ramesh,

The material is having the Packing ( Handling Units).

In delivery please do the Packing for the Materials because they have linked with the Handling Units. and Also check the wheather the Handling Units are configured properly.

For your Information please go through the Below which will help you further.

The SAP Handling Unit Management system allows you to manage the entire movement of the handling units and the materials they contain rather than tracking each material individually.

This paper is for the HUM Delivery although some of the contents is related to Inventory under the Logistics General modules.

Table of Contents


IMG Menu – The Starting Point

Handling Unit Management Overview

Start of HUM Outbound Deliveries Manual Packing Configuration

Define Number Ranges for Handling Units

Define Packaging Material Types

Define Material Group for Packaging Materials

Define Allowed Packaging Materials

Use Handling Unit Supplements

Maintain Goods Movements for Handling Unit Stock-Posting

Define User Status Profile

Set QM Check and Delivery Type for Each Movement Type

HU Requirement for Storage Locations and Default Values for Deliveries

Packing Control By Item Category

Define Requirements for Packing in the Delivery

Delivery Type Determination

Set Unique Number Assignment for HU Identification

Number Range Maintenance for HU Identification

Define Number Assignment for Each Packaging Material Type

Delivery Output type for Packing List

Maintain the Delivery Output Determination Procedure

What else to maintain after the Manual Handling Units Configurations?

Start of the Automatic Packaging Configuration

Define Number Ranges for Packing Instructions

Define Determination Type for Packing Instructions

Define Number Ranges for Packing Instruction Determination Records

What else to maintain after the necessary Automatic Packaging Configurations?

Appendix A: How to do Manual Packing for Non-Assigned Handlings Units?

Appendix B: Scenario 1 – How to do Manual Packing by Delivery Item?

Appendix C: Scenario 2 – How to Manual Pack the Materials into Pallets?

Appendix 😧 How to do Automatic Packing?

Appendix E: How to do Goods Movement for Handling Unit Material?

Appendix F: How to Unpack the Handling Unit Material?

A handling unit is a physical unit that consists of the packaging materials (load carrier / packaging material) and the goods contained therein. A handling unit is always a combination of materials and packaging materials. All the information contained in the material items, such as batches and serial numbers, is always available by way of the handling units.

Handling units can be nested, meaning that you can also create new handling units from several handling units as often as you like.

Handling units have unique, scannable identification numbers that can be formed according to standards such as EAN 128 or SSCC.

Figure 1: Handling unit example


The handling unit object contains the following attributes:

• Identification number

• Dimensions

• Weight

• Volume

• Status

• Materials and quantities

• Packaging materials

• Packing instructions

A handling unit consists of a handling unit header and handling unit items. For identification purposes, it is given a unique number.

Handling unit header

The header data of a handling unit is divided in the following way:

• Weight/Volume/Dimensions

• General data

• Means-of-transport data

• Additional data

• Output determination procedure

For more information about each of these detailed points, see Editing detailed data for handling units.


The handling unit is linked to general status management. In this way, the various physical states (planned or implemented) and other attributes (weighed, loaded, blocked or posted goods issue) of handling units can be documented.

You can use the HU_ST_INIT user parameter when you create handling units without object reference to set which initial status the handling unit is to have when it is created.

If you want to implement a status of your own, you can define a user-specific procedure for the packaging material type (see also Define Packaging Material Types).

Handling unit item

The items of a handling unit can consist of material items, packaging materials or other handling units that appear in an overview. For more information about this overview, see the Contents section of Editing detailed data for handling units.

To access the item data of an individual handling unit, select the handling unit concerned and choose Goto  Detailed HU data  Contents.


Handling units can be used in all processes within the supply chain.

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Thanks and Regards,