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urgent-change the end date for a existing wage type.

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Can u pls let us know how to change the end date for a existing wage type.

The current end date is 30.8.2008 and we would like to change to 31.12.9999.


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Answers (3)

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Use This report RPCLGV00

The Wage Type Distribution report enables you to display wage types for several payroll periods. It does not take into consideration differences resulting from retroactive payroll. The report shows the current values (number and amount) for each wage type. The report evaluates the payroll records that are marked with update indicator ‘A’ when the report is run. Subsequent reporting runs may not give the same result if - in the intervening period - retroactive payroll has taken place for the evaluation period. The wage type distribution uses the data from the results table RT for the relevant payroll result. The employee’s organizational assignment is also evaluated from the payroll result. This data is taken from the Work Center Basic Pay table (WPBP).

The wage type distribution offers you the following options for evaluation:

Individual reporting for a specific personnel number or name.

Totals evaluation without specifying a personnel number or name.

You cannot use wage type distribution to run a report for several countries. You can only select payroll areas from one country for reporting.

Scope of Function

You use the following parameters to determine how the appearance of the wage type statement:

Wage type for evaluation

Enter all wage types that are to be evaluated. If you do not make an entry here, the system selects all wage types. Note that you can only select wage types that occur in the RT table.

Evaluation start date

Evaluation start date and evaluation end date define the evaluation period. Enter the year and payroll period for the start of the evaluation.

Evaluation end date

This parameter delimits the evaluation period. If you do not make an entry here, only the period from the period from the parameter Evaluation start date is evaluated.

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Copy the same wage type and change the dates, start date to be last enddate + 1 and the end date to be 12.31.9999.

Hope you understood.

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Hi Sushil,

copy the wage type which u want to change, dont make any changes except end date, change end date to 31.12.9999 and save it.

information message comes "previous records will be delemited" save the entry.


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But if we copy the wage type then we would have to copy it as a new wage type (cannot retain the same wage type no and text), and neither does it allow to change the end date.

pls update.