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URGENT: Appraisals

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Dear Friends,

I have developed some templates for my appraisal system. In the template under the descriptions tab, I want to dynamically add the names of the appraisee and the appraisers; so that on running the appraisal template, the description also shows the names of the participants depending upon the employee numbers.

Is it possible?

I have seen &1 and &2 written in the description tab in IDES. Can you please explain as to the use of this connotation.

Thanx in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes it is possible.

You will go to phap_catalog transaction and there yo will double click on the form that you want to change. Then you will go to layout tab. Find the text replacement area. Then select APPRAISER_AND_APPRAISEE Text replacement value.

Later you should write the description area &1 (as appraiser name) and &2 (as appraisee name).

When you save and release the form. Then create the form from phap_create transaction. You will see that the selected appraiser and apraisee names are displayed on the form description.

Hope it will be useful for you,


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