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uploading old payroll data??

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Dear All,

I need your assistance to understand following problem.

Suppose a company is existing from 1990 and it has configured SAP in 2012. the company has decided to start the payroll through SAP from march 2012, however the company has decided to maintain the old data from 1990 to Feb 2012 in SAP (the data includes employees master data and their payroll and tax details).

my query is,

1) where to upload old employees monthly payment data from 1990 to 2012?? in which table? can we do it directly without control record?

2) while processing the payroll we use control record in which we select release, correct, check & exit functions. do we have to do the same thing while we upload the old payroll data through LSMW?

3) during early stage of company, it started operations at different location (rented office) with different people, most of the people has left the company but some of them are yet available in the company. how can we configure these poeple payroll area and payroll subarea ??

Thank you for your support


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Its very complicated to upload the payroll results from 1990.Why the client want to upload the payroll results in SAP from 1990 and its best practise that you upload the payroll results from the start of the recent financial year.

You can upload the Legacy payroll results in table T558B(Period Wise) and T558(Wagetype wise).

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