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Upload of BC Sets of SAP Best Practices in SAP

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We are in the process of uploading the best practices configuration BC sets provided by SAP. We have the following doubts

1) The BC sets will have default values (ie) Company code-001 etc. But the client requirment would be to create Company Code 1000. Whether this exersise to be done manually (or) is there any alternative method that SAP provides.

2) The Client requirement is to apply the BC Set configurations provided by SAP Best Practices. What are the precautions to be taken to do this?

Kindly advise



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BC-sets contain default values. But these default values can be over-ridden using the BC-set within a E-catt object.

In these cases, there is a TDC file in which the new values are to be maintained for the organisational units.

Once these values are maintained, you need to use the Best Practices Installation Assistant (you need to install the BPIA on SAP) and use it to upload the values by activating the Building Blocks.

All these instructions are given in the Quick Guide Documentation accompanying the Best Practices product by SAP.

You will not be able to install the Best Practices without purchasing the product.

Only other manual way is to download the config documents for each Building Block and manually configure it - But caution, it will not work perfectly unless you apply all the relevent notes given in the Quick Guide.

Hope this helps.

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