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Upload documents to an asset master data

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Dear Sir or Madam,

in the transactions AS01 and AS02 its exist the possibility under "services for object" to upload original documents

to the master data of the asset. We use currently already this function and we want to make a reorganisation of the asset master data.

Where are this documents stored in SAP? Are these documents sure when we reorganize our data?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Axel Krächan

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Answers (2)

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Hello Mr. Arunachalam,

thank you for your fast answer!

We append the documents directly on the asset master data. So i believe that the tables BSEG and BKPF are not the right places to find the documents.... In the table ANLA i´ve found no suitable field.

Best regards.

Axel Krächan

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Hello Axel,

I'm not sure about what documents you are talking about and what you mean by 'reorganization', but if you want to know where certain data is stored, follow this:

a) in a separate session go to ST05 transaction and activate the trace by pushing the relevant button

b) perform your action, .e.g add a document in the assets' master data

c) in the session, where you activated the trace, deactivate it and display

In the SQL log output you'll see all the relevant SAP tables which played part in the process.



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Hello Eli,

thank you for your answer!

I have not knew this possibility before.

Must i activate only the SQL-Trace?

After I added the files in the asset master data, i have choose for the output list only the SQL-Trace. But i have found a big range of tables there. So I fear that it becomes difficult to find the right storage location....

Best regards


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Hi Axel,

Welcome to SDN.

Please access transaction SE16 and check the tables, BSEG, BKPF and for asset ANLA.

Warm regards,

Murukan Arunachalam