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Upgrade from B1 9.1 PL13 to 9.2 PL3

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Hello Forum,

I have a B1 System 9.1 PL13 and I have to upgrade it to 9.2 PL3, because I have to test the addons for one of our customer. I have executed the installer, the error message says (translated to english):

> A Upgrade from SAP B1 from version 910230 is not possible. Please consult your SAP Partner.

If I look in the PatchRead.pdf of 9.1 PL3, there is written that I can do upgrades from 9.1 PL12 and lower. -> So no PL13?

I have done some search in the scn:

They say I have to do a clean re-install of B1 9.2. So I have deinstalled every SAP Software from the windows Deinstall Menu. Then I do a reinstall with 9.2. But in the dialog where I can choose which databases to be upgraded, I cant select a database. (State: Not ready) With a error message like above.

Is there a possibility to upgrade a 9.1 PL13 system to 9.2?

Thanks a lot


PS: I am a beginner with B1.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is not possible to upgrade 9.1 PL13 to 9.2 PL03 as per below SAP note,

2239782 - Overview Note for SAP Business One 9.2 PL03

You should upgrade 9.1 Pl13 to 9.2 PL04.


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I have no SAP Notes access, but it worked.

I have deinstalled B1 9.1, because I thought I could do a clean reinstall of B1 9.2 PL3. Now I have done an update from this machine with only the custom databases (and everthing else de-installed) to 9.2 PL04.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Kin

Please check the documentation below.


When this error occurs in the client installation of 9.2 PL03, you must copy the B1_SHR the following directories to a local user directories and rename the DIAPI to DI API.





Installation will be terminated; one or more project prerequisites do not exist in Their correct location.


Marcelo Silva Santos

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Hi Marcelo,

I think this is another error.

I deinstalled everything because I thougt then I could move to 9.2 PL03. Maybe your error would occur at this point.