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Upgradation to ECC 6.0 from 4.7

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Hi All,

Can you give me brief idea, strategies and scope about upgradation to ECC 6.0 from 4.7.

Thanks & Regards,


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If you are upgrading your system from 4.7 to ECC 6.0 take care following steps

1. Basis people make a copy of system which you want to upgrade

2. after that basis people will start doing upgrade there are several number of phase they will run one after another continuosly, in this stage Basis team needs a Support of ABAP Team to find out missing codes in note correction and all.

3. after completeing certain phases by Basis Team they will hit SPDD list , SPDD is nothing but a list of standard data dictionary objects here you will find out all the standard data dictionary objects like Domain, Tables , Technical Setting, Structures etc where you have added your Custom fields or SAP newly added field in ECC 6.0 ,

4. In SPDD phase you have to click on Each objects which are present on SPDD list, after clicking system will prompt a message for each and every objects whethe you want to carry out the custom changes in higher version and newly added in ECC 6.0 . you have to take care both the things, while doing spdd correction just make sure non of the Custom field will miss.

5. Save all the SPDD objects under One Task Request.

6. after completion of SPDD phase ABAP team will handover system again to Basis Team , basis team will again run the certain number of steps and they will hit SPAU after upgrade.

7. in SPAU phase allow you to adjust all standard Note corrections,programs , function groups, function module ,classes , interfaces etc... here you have to adjust all the object one by one here also take care none of the custom changes will miss.

8. after completion of SPAU system again handover to Basis team.

9. now in Next step you have to remediate all your z/y (custom programs) for that use transaction SAMT it will give you the list of all impacted program list because of upgradation.

10. now capture all the program and start remediating error one by one, go for extended program check (SLIN) it will categorise all the errors warnings and information in particular program as a abaper after seeing that you have to decide which error you have to take care which will crete a problem, like replace all the obsolete function modules and all.

11. when all the custom program remediation is done then if you are upgrading your system from non unicode system to unicode system then system again hadover to basis team they will start doing the pre stages of unicode activity

12 when once the basis thing is done the system again handover to ABAP team to check the Unicode errors in custom programs.use transaction (UCcheck) it will give you all program where unicode errors are present and with error description and just check whether your program is unicode enabled or not by enabling unicode check box.

13. after that system again handover to basis team they will carry out some process, then it will go for Functional testing.

14. in functional testing if any program will not show correct output or its going for dump or any transaction is taking too much time or time out error then abpa team and bassis team will resolve the problem

15. finally your system upgraded from 4.7 to ECC 6.0 and it will GO Live.