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Updation of Material movements triggerred in WM to IM

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There are 2 types of Material movements that can happen in WM

1) Material movements that is triggered in IM and then is updated in WM like good receipt WRT PO from the vendor.

2) Material movements that is triggered in WM and then updated in IM like Goods are received at the Racks in the Ware house as a result of Production

So i would like to know in the second case how is the inventory updated in IM when it is first is triggered in WM

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As per my understanding whenever material is received from production in warehouse for e.g. after backflush the material document is posted first i.e IM stock gets updated first & then WM stock.

Also if it is a case of retrun material from production for.e.g. excess parts return from production .In this case also you are doing IM posting & then system do WM posting.

Please provide details about receiving material from production to warehouse.

Right now I only know that when you do inventory at bin level then you clear WM stock then the data flow to clear stock in IM level.