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Updating Fixed Assets with a Distribution rule

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My client wants to start using the SAP Fixed Asset addon module. They have 4000-5000 assets. They

are also using cost centres and want the depreciation to be split into the appropriate cost centre. For

this they need to assign a cost centre on the FAmaster data to each asset. As far as I know, the

import process for fixed assets does not include the distribution rule or project and each asset master

record has to be updated after import. If this is a manual update for this number of assets it has been

estimated that it would take someone the best part of a week to do this. Our developer says that

there is no Object in the DIAPI for Fixed Assets so an SDK addon is not possible. Is there some other

way of mass-updating the Fixed Asset masterwith distribution rules?

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Distribution Rule for Fixed Assets can be updates using DTW, Update Master Data, Inventory->Item Master Data, using only ItemDistributionRule file with following header:


MF0097020230101 1920 
MF0098020230101 1920