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Updating cost center to journal automatically using post transaction notification

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One of my client has a requirement to update the cost centers that were tagged in marketing document but not in journal entries; as accounts were not set as expenditure or revenue, automatically. We are thinking of using post transaction notification for the same.

So, I wanted to know your opinion whether this is the only option or is there any other option to automatically update the cost centers that are tagged in marketing document but not in journal without setting the account as expenditure or revenue?

Also, I heard that if we use Post transaction notification for the same, then it will be taken as data tampering by SAP and will stop SAP support in future for that database. Is that true?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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That is true. It is tampering and there could be no guarantee that all relevant tables would be updated should you use that method.

Why don't you want to change the account type? As far as I know this field (Other/Sales/Expenditure) is only relevant for Cost Accounting.

If it is for reporting purposes you could use UDFs and run the reports on those UDFs instead using the expanded option in the standard financial reports.

You could also use the Reference Field Links functionality.

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