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Updating a Sales Forecast

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Hi guys,

I am on 2004A patch 26 using the DI API version 6.7 (also patch 26).

When I access a salesforecast object from the company using SAPBobsCOM.SalesForecast objects getbykey() function :

The object loads fine and I can access the header & line values.

My problem is this when I want to update the object using .update - I get the error : -5002 (Two forecasts of an item refer to the same date [OFCT.Name][line: 1])

Does anyone know how this can be resolved.


(I made sure its the only forecast for that day (date) in the entire system & it's not associated with any MRP scenario)

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Answers (2)

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Sorry, we have the same Problem and its realy necessary for us to solve it.

Using the GUI evrything is working, but the DI always fails like described above.

Does anyone know a Solution now?

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It does not update when you have more that 1 items in the forecast - this I have tested over and over.

My work - around is this.

1.Access & load the forecast using getbykey.

2.Create a new forecast (using the same name & description of the old forecast) - build your updated list of items (remember you can only have a single item once in the list). Add the updated list of items to the new forecast.

3. delete the old forecast

4. add the new forecast

(This will only work if your forecast is not used in a MRP run. You can always remove the MRP run - "update" the forecast and then run the MRP wizard again)

Hope you can use this...

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we will try


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Hi Barend,

please double-check in the application.

If it's working there you should report the bug to SAP Support via SAP Service Marketplace.

Sorry, Frank