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Update termination after Goods Receipt

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Hi All,

Am getting error BM 398: Field overflow. Field: INPUT after posting GR.

I want to know what is the exact reason for this Update termination and if any instructions are provided by SAP regarding this error.


Am trying to post a GR for a PO for quantity - 8.000.000 PC.

Immediately after posting GR, system is supposed to create a TR and redirects to TO creation screen.

but the moment i try to enter TO creation screen the Update termination pop up appears.

Am able to post GR if i reduce the quantity to 800.000 PC (7 digits) .

any notes,links to previous discussion will be helpful.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You should  check the dump, it has all related information , it tells you the field in which this happens and even shows you the coding line where it happened, which allows you to see what was actually calculated at that moment.

In general it is just so that a field has a certain length in SAP, even fields that are used internally in a program to take totals and subtotals.

if you can enter 8 digits in a quantity field then this field will certainly not be the field that overflows.

But in a goods receipt SAP computes values, and this is usually Quantity multiplied with price under consideration of price unit and conversions between currencies.

So the figure 8.000.000 PC alone does not help at all for an analysis. You also need to know the price and the price unit and the involved currencies.

And some common sense what 8.000.000 PC will have as value would also help to know whether this value is logical and whether it fits into the value fields.

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Thanks Jurgen,

i checked SM13 and found FM - L_LK01_VERARBEITEN is where the termination happened.

I assume it has to do with the quantity since price is maintained as 10 euros for 1000 PC.

May be i should use an alternate ordering quantity.

As per technical resource's opinion the issue is related to quantity conversions which happens during integration with WM.



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Yes this function module is WM related.

So you are managing this material in a different unit in WM. In that case it means that SAP is computing the quantity with the values for the conversion that you can find in material master alternative units view.

since this conversion can be maintained with  a accuracy of 5 digits  it would mean in worst case

8000000 * 99999 = 799992000000

which means 12 digits plus 3 decimals = 15 and the fields usually have a length of 13

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True....but In my case i had used Base UoM as the Ordering unit and the WM UoM is 20000 times Base UoM.

For time being i reduced the quantity .

thanks for the help.

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