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Update Manufacturing Serial no using DTW, after creating GRPO

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Myself works on SAP b1 8.81,  version, i need to know whether it is possible to update Manufacturing serial no, Manufacturing serial start date, Manufacturing serial end  date, through DTW once after i had added GRPO,  ( at the time of creating GRPO, i use only internal Serial no )


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Hi Satheesh

Find the solution how to import serial nos


Import serial numbers into Business One via the Data Transfer Workbench.






Importing serial/batch numbers into Business One can only be possible with a stock transaction. Assigning serial numbers/batch numbers is done upon receiving stock either via a Goods Receipt or a Purchase Invoice etc - then the serial number will be assigned to the item and will appear in the OSRI table. Releasing serial numbers/batch numbers is done when issuing stock either via Goods Issue or Sales Delivery Note etc.

Below are the key points for successfully importing serial numbers into Business One:

In the Lines file, LineNum field should be filled according to the number of items in the file. For instance if you have three items it would look as follows:

RecordKey LineNum ItemCode Quantity Price
1 0 A100 1 10
1 1 A200 2 10
1 2 A300 2 20

In the Serial Numbers file the mandatory fields are RecordKey, BaseLineNum and SystemSerialNumber. InternalSerialNumber or ManufacturerSerialNumber can also be included but are not mandatory.
Please note SystemSerialNumber is only mandatory if using a serial number that already exists.

For instance the corresponding file for the Lines file above will look as follows:

RecordKey BaseLineNum SystemSerialNumber
1 0 3
1 1 5
1 1 4
1 2 1
1 2 8

BaseLineNum refers to the item in the Lines file and it links the item in the Lines file with the serial number in the Serial Numbers file.

While importing a new serial number, Please leave SystemSerialNumber blank.

From DTW PL2005.0.31, RecordKey field has been removed and new ParentKey field has been added. Templates will be as attached file.

There is a comprehensive word document attached to explain the procedure as well as some sample import files.


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import, serial, serial numbers, DTW, LineNum, BaseLineNum



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Please check with below thread:

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi sateesh Babu

Yes You can update Manufacturing serial no, Manufacturing serial start date, Manufacturing serial end  date  through DTW but be careful just you take the Backup and restore in test database and run DTW in test database with minimum of 10 entries then check if it is fine then you can upload all the reaming Data.



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Thanks Jenny

Could u pls tell me which DTW template should i use for this process, and how should be filled, because i haven't much experience regarding the same


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     Hi Jennifer

I try the same in demo, am getting the message after dtw is "Successfully"

but the Manufacture serial no is not getting updated ,, why is it so

am using SAP B1 88.2 version and Dtw 88.2


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Hi Satheesh,

I am currently experiencing the same situation: could not update the Manufacturer Serial Number and Dates.

Did you figure out how to solve this?